Nature Lovers need only apply..

Thursday, July 15, 2010

A painfully long rainy season + Sorely missed sunshine=
A  exploding and beauteous Northwest garden!

I've been getting lost in the sights and smells as of late. Giggling like a child at overflowing bowls of ripe cherries, fresh berries in my lemonade and perfect little cherry tomatoes in my salads. Sniffing all of the bright blooms and spending more time with the flora than even the bees have.

They may be soon signing a petition to have the giant, who's hogging all of their flowers, permanently removed from their workspace:)

I thought I would share these photos with you.
They are best viewed with a chilled glass of sweet tea in my opinion...

 My bear hunting Beauceron

Bob Ross-
Squirrel and resident peanut aficionado 

Ferdinand Tiberius Frog
Garden guard and occasional fountain 

I hope that those brought you a little joy and a few smiles.
I'm off to get lost in the tomatoes for a while...



  1. heat that tiny weeny cutey lady bug! That Bob Ross! Sweet. Great pictures.

  2. Oh, How I miss that beautiful garden, the critters and you! And to think I was just there :)