Sunday, March 6, 2011

I had to share some photos of my newest stones!! 
They are insanely beautiful- at least I think so:)
Oh, and don't ya think that 
is just the best word ever?
 Drusies make the world go round:)

 Laguna agate with a perfect, petite white heart on it's side!
Coyamito with ketchup and mustard and sagenite spraaaays!

 Agua, Coyamito and Laguna, oh my:)

 I'm so in love with this rock! I call it my "Lovers Laguna". Can you see the kissing couple in the center of the stone? Swoon...

 A gorgeous Ethiopian opal with fire for days!
 2 more drusies- one can NEVER have enough of these babies.

 A lovely Owyhee opal and a stunning Plume agate. 

Lastly, Morgan Hill poppy jasper. Yum.

Also: My one year Etsyversary is coming up!

Thank you guys for a whole year of loveliness!



  1. This blog is sweet! Glad I came across it!

    check out mine? I'm a photographer!

  2. Love the opals and drusies . so pretty , congrats on your 1 yr anniversary .

  3. Ohhh, there is serious stone-envy going on here! Love those drusies (particularly the gold one in the first!)

    Congrats on a very successful Etsy year! And wishing you continued success for many, many years to come :-)


  4. Oh my darling!

    I am thrilled that the Agua Nueva has found a loving home. I know you will make something magical!

    I wish with all my heart we were in the studio now playing with these gorgeous cabs and eating ice cream!

    Must visit soon :)


  5. va: Thank you for the lovely comments!

    B.Saville: Drusies make my heart sing- I put magpies and their love of shiny things to shame! Thank you for your kind words and much success to you too:)

    Miss jaunbleu: Green tea ice cream and cabs galore are waiting for you! Get here pronto:)
    There is magic to be made...
    Miss you!