Butterflies at my Fingertips

Friday, May 13, 2011

In trying to hurl myself out of this little creative rut o' mine
I did a bad, bad thing.
I went on a serious stone buying binge! 
Parcels came in from all over our great country this week,
delivering into these little hands stones of the most 
fantastical colors,
glorious shapes 
so full of inspiration!

I'm like a little girl with a fresh box of Crayola crayons.
Just opened, a scent so distinct and heavenly, you could drown in it.
Getting lost in a sea of color so rich you can't decide which to use first.
The color!
I've become greedy for it- everything has been so grey to these eyes lately.
Now, my world seems back to it's technicolor self.
Thank goodness!
Thank these little bits of portable inspiration too:)
Some of this weeks loot:

2 Laguna Agates and 
an Agua Nueva Nodular Agate 

Indonesian Drusies

Dryhead Agate and Laguna Agate

2 Apple Green Chrysoprase and
a stunning Idaho Prudent Man Plume Agate

2 Dendritic Opals 

 Dryhead Agate, Laguna Agate and
Imperial Jasper

I want to bite them. They are that delicious. Seriously!
I feel the tickle beginning-
I'll have butterflies at my fingertips soon enough.
Dancing across the metal, working their magic.
Soon enough, indeed...



  1. Oh gosh, if those beauties won't inspire you, nothing will! It's hard to beat agate for bands of glorious colour, and I can't get enough of chrysoprase at the moment either. Yummo!! Exquisite stones, Tawny...I'm lining up to take a bite of them too ;-)

  2. Stones for breakfast any day, darling! That's what I say!

    Thank you for including me in your crazy cabochon buying spree. Partners in crime we are ;)

    I know, yes, I know that you will make the most fantasmical pieces :)

    Go forth and create!

    I feel like I am channeling Spock and Yoda!

    he he


  3. Oh my goodness...if those don't bring your muse home, I don't know what will. Gorgeous stones!

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