Caught Up...

Friday, April 29, 2011

Long time, no see. Or hear. Or maybe read is more appropriate.
Whatever the case may be, 
I thought I'd share a few shots of some upcoming pieces I've been working on.
I feel like I've been caught up in a creative block riptide as of late.
The moment I feel it let up a bit and I think that I'm swimming towards freedom,
I'm pulled under.
  It is one of the most frustrating and downright painful periods for any artist.
And I am in the throes of a particularly nasty battle with the undertow right now.

Still, I must create. Must go on.
If I can somehow relax into it and keep the faith,
I'll hit the shore eventually.
This I know to be true.
These are my glimpses at the shoreline...


Till next time...

Still swimming,

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